Extra Credit

Men are simple creatures.. they don’t need much.. supper, sports and sex..

While BW3’s can take care of needs 1 and 2.. it is up to you as his woman (or whatever you are to him) to take care of need 3.. and by take care.. I mean go the distance..

Sex is not about you.. it about your partner.. it is about making sure that they receive maximum pleasure.. so you should be trying to give your partner the best you’ve got ..

But sometimes your best isn’t good enough.. so you have to try harder.. do extra credit.. get that gold star.. rock his damn world…

Take initiative — do like Usher said: “We trading places”.. when he comes home.. grab him by his tie.. kiss him roughly.. rip his clothes off.. push him on the bed.. be aggressive and show him that his desire isn’t one-sided
Talk dirty — send him a text telling him how bad you want him and what you’re going to do to him when he gets home.. tell him what to do and where.. tell him how you like it.. you know how he’ll whisper “this p is so good”?! .. do the same to him..
Ice— head is a requirement.. and sure, just going down there will make him happy.. but give him something extra every once in a while.. crush up ice cubes in your mouth before you go down.. play with his boys.. look at him while you’re doing it.. get sloppy with it..
Swallow— doesn’t it suck -pun intended- when you have to stop in the middle of the action to take care of some minor detail?! When it comes to head.. if you make him cum, you might want to swallow.. maybe not every time.. but try it at least once.. this isn’t about you.. it’s about him.. a. you won’t ruin the mood to find a towel to spit in and b. he’ll feel like he’s banging a porn star
Surprise him— he sees you in Hanes all the time! Next time he comes over, answer the door in some Fredericks.. turn on some music and be his private dancer.. do something that you’ve never done before that you know he wants (and you are comfortable with)
Get loud — yes, your moaning let’s him know how good he’s giving it to you.. next time.. let the neighbors know too! don’t be fake about it though.. if he is really giving you the business, get loud with it.. scream his name.. all that..
Accessorize — sex toys don’t have to be acquired through smut sites.. you can find them anywhere around you.. imagine a belt is lying on the floor and he’s on top.. grab the belt on both ends and hold it around his waist.. it’ll give him less room to thrust.. he will go deeper.. trust me.. use the objects around you to enhance the experience
Be spontaneous — get him going when he least expects it.. when he’s on his way out.. grab him for a quickie.. give him ‘just because’ head during halftime.. don’t wait until it’s bedtime.. just go for it

These are just some things that can enhance a sexual experience..  if you show him you’re willing to do extra credit to raise the D.. then he will surely oblige.. and put in more work himself.. going the extra mile for him makes sex better for the both of you.. pleasure on both ends doesn’t sound like such a bad deal to me.. 

What are some ways you transform sex for your partner?!


m. lauren Regular SBF


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