Now.. You Could Get It

Today I was driving down one of the busiest streets in Columbus.. I look over to my left and what do I see?! A hat.. a Carolina blue cap actually.. turned to the SIDE.. not front or back.. THE SIDE!!.. Oh.. No..

And I said to myself.. would anyone actually find this douchey lookin dude … attractive?! I think it’s fair to say that someone would.. but not this SBF.. I mean.. his hat was to the side!

So.. what do I find attractive?!.. This list is going to be.. loooong.. and incomplete.. I see new attractive things everyday.. here goes

Skin— people think that I only like light-skinned guys.. that is so far from the truth.. I just happen to a. get approached by mostly LS guys or b. I see A LOT of attractive LS men.. I like a man with clear, even skin.. but the color doesn’t matter.. there are some dark skinned men (Idris) that could GET IT.. and some LS men (Michael Ealy) that could GET IT.. and being a brown girl myself.. I must say.. I like a “fresh out the oven” brown..
LSPEPS — Light skinned, Pretty eyes, Pretty smile.. while I am not partial to a LS man on the virtue of his lightness.. I am partial to one with a pretty smile and pretty eyes.. I love a man with nice teeth and a willing smile.. and eyes.. they don’t have to be green to be pretty.. pretty eyes can be the shape.. or long lashes.. or color.. but here’s a perfect example: Terrence Howard (I already said Michael ‘can I be your future baby mama’ Ealy)
Ruggedness — I like a man who looks like he’s used his hands before.. in a fight.. there is something sexy about a bad boy that wins the fight.. that little scar above your eye?! It gives character and makes me wonder ‘ooh what happened’.. now, Im not talking about some thug ass dude that wants to knock heads because his J’s got stepped on.. just a dude that looks like he’s been around the block.. he will likely have on timbs and be shirtless with sweat glistening.. okay stop girl.. think 50 Cent upon arrival.. ooh chile that bod-day!! 
A little scruff — I like man who looks like he’s been busy.. working.. a 5 o clock shadow.. his hairs grown out a bit.. he looks like he’s been doing something that’s more important than some damn haircut! He’s either been workin or puttin in work.. either way.. I ain’t mad
Hard bodied — I like a man with biceps, triceps, traps, 6 pack, that groin line, calves.. BACK DEFINITION! A man that works out and keeps his body lookin RIGHT.. a man that goes to the gym cares about his appearance and/or his health.. he is clearly conscious of his body.. and that ish is HOT.. there is one man in particular that I can’t speak on due to our.. past relationship.. but his body was BANGIN.. I mean.. hot and bothered just thinkin about it.. and .. okay
Height — I am 5’1 .. I like being short because it has it’s advantages.. damsel in distress-like.. but I’ll be damned if we both at Wal-Mart waitin for a ladder .. Now.. I have a friend that is about 6’4.. he towers so far over me.. it’s almost scary.. I mean.. I can’t even touch his shoulder when he’s standing!!! But.. 5’9-6’1.. boy o boy!
Glasses — I like intelligence.. if I’m walking down the street.. I can’t look and tell if you’re smart or not.. but I can infer.. men w/ glasses usually look smart (unless he has on those hipster 80’s glasses in which case he probably looks ridiculous).. so.. before I have the chance to gauge your intelligence by conversation.. I can hope that you at least know 2+2 and can read..
The cutest guy in the room — I always find myself swooning over the same guy as every other girl in the room.. the prettiest guy that all the girls think are worth a second, third, fourth look.. I always want him for myself.. but unlike the punk ass on-lookers.. I will likely walk up to him and say.. something.. on the flip side.. sometimes the cutest guy in the room is only cute because of the room he’s in and in that case.. well hell.. I’ll probably still say something to him too lol
Ambition — I like a guy that is willing to go after what he wants.. he is usually confident in his ability to do whatever it is he is going after.. I especially like men who are going after something creative like me: radio, writing, event planning, art, etc.
Uber intersted in — anything.. I like a man who has a passion for something.. so much that it can consume all of his thoughts at times.. although I want to be the center of his universe.. I can secretly appreciate the fact that he is passionate about something, especially if he is being ambitious about it..  
Something in common — how o how do I love a man who has something in common with me.. and not something lame like we went to the same school (who hasn’t?).. I mean something like: he loves to cook or he has an obsession with reality tv.. if we have something significant in common, we can do that together.. qua-li-ty time!
Style — I tend to be attracted to guys who dress similarly.. polos, vests, Madden’s, expensive jeans.. the ‘grown man’.. but I don’t like a dude who dresses like a mannequin.. there has to be something about his dress that has his own touch.. I once had a ‘friendship’ with the most metro guy ever a guy who wore a man bag.. while I am not partial to your Gucci satchel.. I can appreciate that you want to wear it.. do you boo
Open minded — There is something to be said for a guy who is willing to try new things.. if you EVER say you don’t like something that you’ve never tried.. and you are not under the age of 12.. you canNOT hang w/ the girl! I like a man who is going to try to blowfish sushi.. even though he might die.. because he wants to know what it tastes like.. come on! 
A man who is smiling or laughing— A man who is smiling or laughing when you see him seems open and friendly.. he doesn’t have to be ctfu like he’s at Comic View.. but he should at least look like he enjoys life.. I can’t understand for the life of me why men like to mean mug.. it’s not cute! And if you’re already a mud-duck.. you better get to smiling!!.. I have a friend who is full of energy and always laughing or smiling.. he makes the people around him feel positive .. his energy is unmistakable.. probably why I like him.. he knows who he is! 
A man who listens but contributes to the convo — I cannot stand a man who doesn’t say ish! I understand not being a talkative person.. but come on.. you don’t have responses to questions?! If we can’t have a conversation.. we can’t have ANYTHING!! This also goes to a person who has nothing to say but stupid stuff.. boy.. BYE
A man that aint afraid to be corny, or whatever — If you can’t be yourself.. you can’t be ish! Everyone is not the coolest cat walkin.. sometimes you have to accept being a little bit on the corny side.. you might not be the funniest, or the cutest.. but if you are being yourself.. well.. you’re the shit! 
A man who lets the D speak for itself  — Talking about sex is one thing.. we’re all adults here.. but when you start bragging about your sex.. and we haven’t got past 2nd base.. well that’s just a mess!! If you are workin it like a 9-5.. you can prove that (if given the chance).. you don’t have to tell me all about it.. I am a strict believer that the first time is always a fluke.. whether good or bad.. so.. I will consider giving you a second chance.. but if you been braggin about how you’re about to tear my walls down and I look up like ”that’s it?!’ afterwards.. you will not be getting a second chance patna! Just let it speak to me for itself
A quiet thinker —this is that guy who doesn’t say what’s on his mind from jump.. he’ll let you yammer on and on.. and then come out of the woodworks with some mess you never even considered!! Usually this is accompanied with a sexy thinking face and relaxed posture.. don’t let him fool you though.. he could be thinkin about how he wants to put your knees to the headboard .. while you’re thinkin he’s about to spit some Jeopardy to you!
Opposites Attract– I think I’m great.. but I don’t want to date myself.. there is so much about me that could be considered a turn-on.. and so much that could be a turn-off.. why would I want a guy whose turn-off characteristics are the same as mine!? So we can hate each other?! I’d rather date a guy who is the yin to my yang.. and then we can meld into each other.. literally figuratively
Technology —maybe it’s the whole ‘boys will be boys’ mentality.. but I love a guy who has all the of the latest video games, dvd players and whatnot.. maybe it’s just so I won’t have to buy them for myself?!
Knows his way around — I don’t teach and I don’t tutor.. if you can’t get an A+ in anatomy.. there is no reason to go any further.. now.. if he is a straight A student.. he will get the gold star of approval.. and I’ll start handing out extra credit assignments! Hopefully dude is a teacher’s pet and has some tricks up his sleeve to win me over..
Manly — I like a man’s man.. one who believes that he should be a provider, a protector.. I like somewhat traditional roles.. you go to work.. I’ll stay home boo.. now if I can only find a man that wants a housewife… hmmm
Talent — A man that can sing.. or draw.. will have my heart.. not only can I marvel at his gifts.. he can write songs.. or paint pictures of me.. just sayin.. he doesn’t have to be the finest man on earth either.. Maxwell could get it.. but don’t think I would let Raheem Devaughn pass me by!
Tatted up — what’s sexy!? A man with tattoos.. is likely to be sexy to me.. unless he is lil Wayne.. you have tatted your face.. you are scary! .. but I can appreciate a man with meaningful ink.. Tyga and Soulja Boy both have excessive ink (the neck though?!).. but passable..
Big boss style/big boss bank — I would be lying if I said a man with money wasn’t attractive.. but it’s more than that.. any old dude can go to work for 8 hours and make decent cash.. Im talkin about the man with an entrepreneurial spirit.. who is running things.. subsequently, he’ll need to have the numbers to show for it.. it’s more about the power and potential than the digits..
Freak me baby — there is good sex.. and then there is great sex.. good sex could be all in the stroke and timing.. but great sex?! Great sex happens when a man pulls out his best tricks.. they don’t have to be nasty porno samples, just creative! He may just be aggressive, the guy that flips you over instead of waiting for you to turn over.. He may just be resourceful, ‘can I eat this ice cream off you?!’.. coupled with an already tight D game.. great sex can make one stick around for.. ever

This is quite the exhaustive list.. be on the look out for the next one.. because I am sure I’ll see something in the next few weeks to add!

There are some men in my life currently that have plenty of these traits to offer.. what are they doing!? sheesh!


m. lauren Regular SBF


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