Naturally Me

I rock my hair natural.. and I want to let you all know something!

1. Natural hair is about chemicals.. not styles — wearing your hair natural means that you don’t use chemical additives to acheive a certain texture, grade, etc.. straightening combs and flat irons achieve the same looks as relaxers, but they don’t change the grade of your hair.. because as soon as it rains.. boy!

2. Color has nothing to do with it — coloring my hair is to achieve a certain aesthetic (look).. it changes the appearance of my hair.. but my hair is still the same hair from root to tip.. obviously.. putting any type of unnatural chemical in your hair will alter its state.. and hair color can severly damage your hair..  hair color changes the look of my hair but not the hair itself (this is because of years of caring for my colored hair to ensure it doesn’t fall out!)

3. Wearing natural hair doesn’t mean anything — why do people look at me different?! Is it because I walk around with my hair on top of my head instead of surrounding it?! I can’t help it that my hair wants to be closer to God.. lol.. anywho.. people seem to think that wearing your hair natural is always some statement about breaking through some kind of  hair-pression.. I may not be oppressed by lye.. but I sure am oppressed by time.. it takes hours sometimes to get my hair to look a certain way.. it takes years to learn what products your hair likes.. it takes a long time to comb through this mess.. oh yes, I am oppressed.. hehe

4. Just because I won’t relax doesn’t mean I won’t — color it, cut it, loc it, weave it, braid it, put a wig on it.. not only is natural hair just as versatile (maybe more because of it’s liklihood to be healthy) as chemically relaxed hair.. it is fun.. I did tell you that my hair stands on end, right!? I might not relax it.. but I’ll be damned if I walk around looking like an extra from Roots! If I want, I will throw 4 lbs of Brandy brand yaki in here.. And no.. Im not trying to loc my hair.. you canNOT comb that out.. girl bye!

5. I AM NOT A RADICAL — damn, people.. I am NOT Angela Davis.. for one.. my fro ain’t big enough yet.. and for two.. I wear my hair like this for an almost unknown reason (b/c I felt like it).. Im not giving it to the man (well.. not that man).. I am not fighting the power.. I just wanted a fro.. may I reiterate how hard it is to comb this mess?!? How am I gonna fight the power if I keep getting my pick tangled up and lost in my head?! This is a statement about my intention to do whatever makes me happy.. not political or hairitical beliefs..

Me with a twist set.. and my Monroe.. miss it!!

Me with a twist set.. and my Monroe.. miss it!!

I get questioned many times about my choice to go natural.. and I have found that some of the men I encounter just don’t get it! Especially when I met him with a wrap and the next time he sees me I have a fro! So I wanted to clear that up..

I was also thinking .. do I get approached less because of my new natural hair? Because Im not always bouncin and behavin (well.. I bounce plenty.. but behave?! girl bye!).. I am sure that there are some men who have distorted views of beauty or immature, shallow ways of thinking.. but those aren’t the guys I want to meet anyway..

I cannot honestly say whether this notion is true for me or not.. because my being approached is never consistant.. one day it’s a 53 year old man.. the next a drunk white boy.. then a guy that I later find out is not old enough to buy liquor.. one day he’s a dude at Wal-Mart.. the next it’s some dude in Med School.. the only conclusion I can lead from this hodge podge of “approachers” is that I look extremely friendly and open-minded and pretty damn versatile! I have no idea what hair has to do with it.. I get just as many compliments as screw faces.. I think I must look either too damn nice or desperate.. Im going to go with too nice.. and hope my Angela D will scare off all but Med School..


m. lauren – Regular SBF


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