Not For Free!

By saying “Don’t give up the kitty for free” I am not telling you to prostitute yourself.. I am just telling you not to give up the goods for nothing!

What we as women hold between our legs is a treasure.. we give life through our vaginas.. HELLO!??!

We need to realize that our lady parts are not toys or bargaining tools.. they are, just as I said, treasure.. they are highly sought after and should be held to the highest of standards..

That being said.. don’t just give it up to 1. just anybody for 2. any old reason..

Your “treasure box” is special.. and only you hold power over it.. however, we have been allowing men access to these magnificent treasures like they are Happy Meal toys.. NO NO!

A man needs to earn that.. he should be giving you time.. respect.. patience.. trust and getting to know you before you go rewarding him with the p..

You should be gauging whether he is worth all of you.. and all of your time before you go spreading your legs.. if all he is good for is a cheap dinner at Red Lobster.. he is not good enough for your lovin shit, maybe he is.. no judgement

Giving it up for nothin is letting a man hit on day one.. giving it to him after a dollar show and a value meal.. make him wait.. make him earn it!

What usually happens when you give it up too soon?! a. he’s no longer interested or b. he is only interested in the sex after that .. what is it that you believe he is chasing!?

Your sensitivity?! Your intellect!? Come on now.. he is chasin that ass! And the joy of the hunt is.. THE HUNT!

If a lion comes along and a gazelle just lays the hell down.. the lion is probably going to be a bit peeved.. he’ll still eat the gazelle.. but his thirst for the hunt won’t be quenched.. he’ll move on to a gazelle that is willing to be chased.. (this is why you’re the jump-off and she’s the gf sweetie)..

If you give a man the most precious gift you have to give.. it would be a good idea to get to know him first and find out if he’s worth giving it too..

Now .. I do realize that we all have times where we take a “f*ck it” approach and decide to just do what makes us happy.. in these instances, you’ve hopefully already decided all you want from this guy is sex ..

But if you plan to explore relationshipial possibilities with a man.. it would be safe to factor out sex until you know he’s going to stick around.. be a smart gazelle..

Give him the sex when he is willing to give you more than good D (commitment, love, honesty, trust…)


m. lauren — Regular SBF


One Response to “Not For Free!”

  1. “Don’t give up the kitty for free” — so true. Sex shouldn’t be rushed. If you do casual sex for the sake of sake’s, then please don’t do it. It would not do any good.

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