Weekend Lover to My Boo?!

foolishcat-com-gallery0062I had to take a break from sitting at Panera aimlessly job hunting to check some of my fave blogs.. okay to check out Single Black Male.. maybe I heart it so much b/c Im a Single Black Female?!

Anywho.. one of my favorite subjects popped up today: Can you go from being the “weekend beat” (loved it, stole it) to being the “wifey” (word on my top 100 most hated words)..!?

Well.. I have to agree with SBM.. uhh HELL NO.. usually

The weekend beat.. is the same thing as an FWB (friends w/ benefits).. you get that mandatory every 2 weeks call/text.. have some hopefully phenomenal sex.. and then take your ass home.. until next time..

There are two ways FWB can play out..

1. You have great sex.. and could care less if you never speak to this person again..


2. You catch feelings..

Scenario 2 is the most troubling.. You go in.. claiming to not want a realationship (claiming — because sometimes you’re lying) and then you start this S.R. with said person.. soon after though, you start to like (or more) this person.. and that’s where is usually all goes downhill..

*Here is something ALL women must know: if a man says he wants or does not want something.. YOU cannot change the way he feels about it.. furthermore, he will probably not change his mind (as it pertains to you)*

When he said that he didn’t want a relationship on day one.. you should have taken that at face value.. because he REALLY doesn’t want one.. at least not with you.. (of course you have some idiots who lie about this because they don’t realize that if he tells the truth he will get further and be more respected for it.. idiot).. Anywho.. if he said that a relationship was NOT in the cards.. it is NOT.. you didn’t take that for what it was did you?! You’re at scenario 2 aren’t you!?

Why won’t he turn his slut into his housewife?!

Because you’re already giving up what he wants the most.. THE KITTY!.. There is no reason for him to pursue anything furthur.. he’s satisfied his primal urges and has no need for you outside of that.. this is why we should realize.. the treasure is between our legs (different post)..

So.. back to the question at hand.. will he wife you if he is already hittin that?! Probably not.. you have a higher chance of winning the mega millions by yourself and turning into a vampire than that happening.. but it could happen.. in this rare instance.. you should tread lightly.. just because you know his body doesn’t mean you know him.. so yes, you still have to get to know him!

And the best way to find out if he’ll wife that.. is to ask.. I don’t know any mind readers.. but I do know a lot of idiots.. and yes, they are all men!..

When it comes to hints.. they just don’t get it.. you have to say outright: I WANT TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND.. for them to get it.. I repeat.. don’t toss a hint.. say it outright.. that is your only way to possible success..

And if you get that man.. more power to you.. and if you don’t


*update* Stop giving up the kitty… FOR FREE!!


m. lauren — Regular SBF

read the SBM post


One Response to “Weekend Lover to My Boo?!”

  1. Whoa whoa whoa … don’t tell them to stop giving up the Kitty! I never said all that.

    But thank you for being one of the women who already know what I’m talking about!

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