I Regulate Every Shade Of That

What is the big deal with interracial relationships!?  I mean.. there are some fundamental differences between black people and.. all other races.. but there are fundamental differences between men and women.. and we date each other so…

I hear it’s a bit taboo to date someone outside your race.. but why? I mean.. let’s see here.. what does a man need for me to date him?


alot of Steady, legal income
Respect for himself
A working vehicle
Good D
A hurricane tongue
A great sense of humor
A spiritual relationship
Good conversation
Working intellect…

Specifics to come.. but do you see how any man.. of any racial background can have these traits?

If a man wants to treat me like a queen.. and be good to me.. his color doesn’t matter.. of course there are things that I’d be weary about though..

For instance:

What happens when I get mad and say “F you nigga!”.. is there some type of n-word-slip protocol!?

What if i get mad and say “WHITE PEOPLE GET ON MY NERVES”.. then what!?

And we all know that there’s that.. certain.. anxiety about getting to the bedroom.. you know what I mean..

But isn’t that where honesty comes in!?!? So.. what the problem is?!!?

I would date a white guy.. a hispanic guy.. whatever.. if I was approached by one..

However.. not just any “type” of other would be able to get the SBF’s attention.. he’d have to be as suave with that certain cockiness that attracts me to black men.. and most of all be himself.. b/c Malibu could NOT get it..


m. lauren — Regular SBF


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