I Just Walked Right Up To Him

Why are so many women scared to approach a man?! What is the big deal!? I know it goes against all of our primordial traditional roles of womanhood.. to walk up to a man.. but SO!?

I have met many a man because I approached him.. some men actually like it!

Approaching a man takes the pressure off him.. there’s no fear of rejection on his end because you’re doing the hard part for him.. if he wants to talk to you.. he’ll take over after your initial conversation starter.. and if he’s not interested.. well.. you’ll know!

Ways to approach:

1. Tell him he’s attractive (smells good, looks nice, etc.).. this could go a couple of ways a. he’ll be flattered and say thanks.. but that’s it.. just walk away b. he’ll complimentyou back.. maybe start a convo.. get those digits.. go girl! (if he actually calls) c. he’ll look at you like your crazy because he’s either an idiot (and thinks that a compliment means you’re tryna get his draws.. negroid please) or he’s self-conscious and thinks he’s the second coming of Quasimodo.. in this case EGO BOOST!

2. Pull one of his moves.. “ay, I seent chu lookin at me” or “bitch, you gotta fat ass” could be said with a hint more class.. he may (and should) take this humorously and start some sort of conversation with you because you made him laugh

3. Walk past, touch his arm, wink and say hey coyly.. if he follows.. then he liked it.. however.. he may just want to smash.. if he doesn’t follow.. who cares?! You’re already halfway across the room

4. Buy him a drink.. a man who is in touch with who he is and his manhood should take the drink.. and come over to say thanks.. at which point you can drum up a conversation

5. “I see you all the time, what is your name?”.. whether you really have seen him before or not.. recognition makes most people feel a bit important.. they do that to us all the time.. “don’t I know you!?” No you do not brotha!.. so do it to him

6. Offer up the goods.. you have to be a beast for him to turn that down.. however this is likely to be considered: #hoeshit

7. Grab his arm.. every time I go out some guy is pulling on my hand/arm so I have to look up in his ugly mug only to grimace and say “ehh, no thanks” ONLY to have him not let me go so that I have to mug the shiz out of him and go “ugh, GET OFF ME SHREK” and embarrass that ass! But hey.. it might work for you!

Now.. the only result I guarantee is some sort of response (ignoring you counts).. if you’re nervous.. just remember that there is probably only a 10% chance that you will see him again and he’ll remember you/the incidence.. so go for it.. and thank me later!


m. lauren — Regular SBF


2 Responses to “I Just Walked Right Up To Him”

  1. Mista Cahver Says:

    Great post Jazzy-jazz. Women should take heed; There is NOTHING wrong with you going after what you want. If you choose to play the ‘girls dont approach guys’ role, u might as well go find a type-writter, a ankle length dress, and rent all 490843830 of Leave it to Beaver b/c, plain and simple, ur expectations are remiscent of a woman pre-liberation movement. Your right, alot of guys, whether they admit it or not, have a GREAT fear of rejection, and will weave himself a mental maze until he is too late to approach an attractive woman. Approaching a man does not make you a hoe, or make u look thirsty, and if one (man or woman) calls u such things for going after what u want, he/she probably is mentally-dated as well. It all a game, men know what women expect, as do women know what men expect. Throwing a wrench in things not only can catch one of guard, but also make you more appealing. Speaking from experience, while I have had many a woman who i would ‘pass on’ approach me w/ some lame line, or grab in a way that should probably be reserved for a bedroom, when a woman appraoches with confidence, plain and simple, I def will hear them out if nothing else. This doesnt mean that anything else will transpire necessarily, but I definitely can understand what it took to do such a thing, and therefore will act accordingly; They have effectively got my attention (keeping it is another days post) and there is something to be siad for that.
    Seeing as tho it is lesson common for a woman to approach man (unless ur in ATL and the mf’ers are VULTURES *cough lol), men do no have as much experience getting ‘talked at’, so they will more often then not entertain convo rather then pullin a line out of a females book (i.e. “i have a gf’ or simply ignoring/walking away). Once again, this does not mean u all are destined for marriage, just that when the roles are reversed, people aren’t always the quickest of thinkers and will just resort to a responsive state.
    Ur suggestions on how to appraoch are on point, as i have seen (first hand?) these methods, sometimes more effective then others. In the end it will come down to physical/mental attraction (unless ur game is just THAT tight), but role reversal is definitely a good tactic that if gone about in a tactful way, can be quite effective…Im done..good post..good blog..keep it up ‘Shawty’ lol

  2. Love the post! “Offer up the Goods” is great advice. I went through your blog and some great posts. Keep up the good work.

    btw – I found you via a search for “Dating” on WordPress. If you’re interested, I’ve started a site for real-time updates from your dates, http://www.LuvvBugg.com. I built it cause all my girlfriends were telling me these crazy stories from their dates, so I thought it would be cool to capture the moment and also allow their friends to comment, provide advice or a joke in real-time. Given your post, I thought you might want to check it out. Give it a shot.

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