Mrs. Johnson – … say what!?

I was just reading an article on The Fresh Xpress about women hyphenating their names.. and I wondered.. how do I feel about it?!

Im in the middle..

I believe myself to be sort of old-fashioned.. I have often said that I would have absolutely no problem being called “Mrs. James Wright” .. I have always thought there was something endearing about taking on your husbands full name.. I don’t see what the big deal is?!

The way I see it, when you get married, you become one.. and since the man is the head of the household.. I should have no problem being Mrs. J.W. or whatever.. because that is who I am.. we are one.. when a woman is given away by her father (or leaves her parents).. he gives her to her soon to be husband (they cleave).. The last name that I (and many others) hold is my father’s.. so when I leave him and cleave to my hubby.. I have no reason to keep my father’s last name.. I am no longer his.. I am my husbands..

I understand that whole successful/independent thing.. we as women want to have our own things in our own rights.. and as a woman.. I am all for it (hell I live it, somewhat).. but what does that have to do with taking your husbands last name!? If I am m. lauren Armstrong.. and I get married.. and become m. lauren Wright.. my work should be able to stand on its own.. a new last name won’t change, hinder or mar my success.. I’m tight anyway so..

I believe that getting married means that you give your all to your husband and he gives his all to you.. in the grand scheme of things in marriage.. how important is it to argue about taking his name?! Let him be a man and head the household.. take his damn name.. don’t be so “independent” that you can’t allow him to be the man of the house..

That.. is another post in and of itself..

So.. these are my opinions.. leave yours in the comments..


m. lauren Regular SBF

*note – James Wright is a person I made up.. I don’t even know a person by that name*


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