Bros Before Hoes

If you’d rather hang out with your friends.. than be with your S.O… there is a SIGNIFICANT problem..

I love my girlfriends to death.. I would do anything for them.. but I will NOT put them before my man.. let me explain this:

If there is a situation that needs my immediate attention.. whoever needs it will get it.. Im not gonna tell my girl that I can’t drive her broken legged ass to the E.R. because Im in cuddle mode.. Im not a complete jerk!

I won’t leave my girls at the beck and call of my man either, been there and done that and ain’t doin it again..

But “hoes” will come first in most situations..

Think about it like this:

I have either close friends or associates.. the friends I have are those “I know everything about you” type of friends.. most of these are friends that I have had for a long time.. I am no longer building relationships with these people, I am maintaining them..

On the other hand, there is mynon-existent man.. this is probably a relationship I am building, still in the “getting to know you”/”honeymoon” phase.. a new relationship that needs attention to grow.. that means, spending a lot of time together..

If we are in the beginning stages, this new relationship will get more of my attention than my friends will because we already have a bond.. When the relationship starts to lose it’s “new” flavor and we’re in the maintaining phase, then my focus will shift some..

Just because I won’t give my friends 100% of my “friend focus” with a new man, doesn’t mean they won’t get any.. it just means that they will get less of it..

The reason that adults get into relationships is to find a LIFE MATE… a husband/wife that you intend to spend the rest of your life with.. dating is like auditions for the movie: marriage.. we date to see if we’d like to pursue a relationship, we pursue a relationship to see if we’d want to be with them forever.. we get engaged to promise we’ll be with them forever.. we marry to keep that promise..

So… thinking in that manner.. wouldn’t it make more sense to give attention to your S.O., building a relationship and working towards a hopeful common goal.. than kickin it w/ your girls at wing night every week!? Your friends will stand up at your wedding.. but they won’t marry you.. there will come a time when (hopefully) you’ll all be in adult relationships.. and friendship will surely take a backseat to that (and other adult responsibilities)..

Bro’s before Hoes is an immature excuse not to pursue, build and maintain a committed relationship with another person..

All that being said.. balance out your “friend-focus” with devotion to other things.. and most of all.. learn to be alone.. you were born that way and will die that way..  the only person who deserves 100% of your attention is you!


m. lauren, regular SBF


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