LeQuan? Uhh.. I Don’t Think So

So.. I was just reading an entry on Single Black Male about crazy names.. Slim asked would you ever not date a person based on their name?!

I have never thought about this in this context.. He talks about girls with names like Confrita and the stereotypes that come along with them (yellow and pink hair, eyes poppin, lips bussin, etc)..

However, anytime I’ve ever not wanted to date a guy based on his name, it was usually because it was something old school (Cornelius), corny (Howard) or unattractive (Fred).. when I meet a guy w/ one of these names.. I usually think.. “is this a name I want to call out in bed?” And NO.. Larry is NOT a name I want to be screaming out! Actually.. 90% of names are names I wouldn’t want to scream out!

The second thing I usually think of is other people associated with that name.. if I know a guy named Steve that smells bad.. all Steve’s have Steve #1 syndrome..

Third, if I’ve dated a lot of guys with the same name.. I will usually end up associating that name w/ negativity.. I mean, they’re not around for a reason!

Infer whatever you like.. I ain't sayin nothin!

Infer whatever you like.. I ain't sayin nothin!

Now.. I don’t believe I would not date a dude because of the apparent ghettoness creativity of his name.. For one, it would probably take me a while to notice.. take Lebron James for a moment.. it took a very long time for me to reach into my mind and realize.. this dude has a made up ass name! Could I see myself going “ooh yessss Lebron..” umm NO.. but thats just because that’s an ugly ass name! Not because it’s… creative

When it comes to names, I dig originality, but I am focused on the future.. no I will not name my child Ladaysha.. (even if I did think it was cute, which it aint!).. why?! Because I want my child to grow up with as little teasing and as many prospects as possible! Right or wrong.. we live in a judgemental world.. and I refuse to set my child up for a lifetime as a frycook @ BK!

Nothing is wrong with getting creative or ethnic.. but you have to be smart.. why can’t your child be Janette Quantefron Smith, instead of Quantefron Janette?! Furthermore.. Im convinced there is only one Q name that will ever be fully acceptable = Quincy

I am veering off subject.. the moral orel of this story is: If I won’t scream it out.. I won’t date you!


2 Responses to “LeQuan? Uhh.. I Don’t Think So”

  1. Can’t fake … I think Lebron is a good name

    And thanks for the shout out.

  2. LOL at the picture and Cornelius. I like the punchline of “If you can’t scream it. You won’t date.”

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