I want ya’ll to know.. I can relate ANYTHING.. to love, sex, relationships and being single.. now:

I watched this video from Drama Dupree talking about Atlanta Pride last week.. So I decided to share my feelings on “homosexuality”

They are simply: DO YOU!!

I do not consider myself to be hetero- or homo- sexual.. I am just sexual..

I have never dated, had sex with or even kissed another girl.. however I have no problem with people who do.. much the same.. I dont have a problem with gay men.. now I will admit that seeing two men caressing each other throws me off.. but.. please.. if they are happy.. LET THEM BE!!

I say that I am just -sexual.. because that is what I feel I am.. I love men.. and am attracted to men and date men.. have sex w/ men.. you get it..

But.. I will never say never.. There are plently of beautiful women in the world who like women.. and I would be lying if I said that I would NEVER talk to one.. why not!? I am just living my life as the wind blows.. so if it blows me towards a woman who wants to treat me with respect and love.. then so be it..

On that note.. I do not tolerate hate.. I believe that God made us to be human.. and we are imperfect.. I don’t know if people are born straight/gay or if they choose those paths.. and frankly.. I don’t care.. if being with another man or woman makes you happy.. then be happy.. IPI_Girls_Holding_Hands

There are plenty of straight people in unhappy relationships.. I’d rather see you gay and happy than straight and miserable ANY DAY..

I have much love for anybody who is true to themselves.. our society has f’d us up to believe that we cannot be true to who we are and who we love..

Be who you are honey.. I love em all!!

This is a shoutout to all my friends who live so-called alternative lifestyles.. and to all of you people who believe you’re normal.. YOU’RE NOT!!!

On that note.. watch the video.. Drama Dupree cracks me the hell up!!!

*there will be no hatred tolerated on my blog, if you have disrespectful or hateful comments, keep them to yourself*


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