Bad Boyssss.. Come Out And Plaaaay

This is from the film “Takers”.. it looks like a more action packed, worse acted, confusing version of Set It Off.. Dead Presidents and Oceans 11,12,13..

Anywho.. this ain’t no movie review..

If you watch the trailer.. you’ll notice Zoe Saldana with the SEXIEST light skinned man to ever grace the movie screen… Michael Ealy..

Clearly Michael Ealy is some sort of bad boy.. and she is LOVING it..

Which leads me to this age old question:

What Is It About The Bad Boy?!

michael-ealy2 1. Danger is sexy — being caught up in action is scary, but if you have a strong man to protect you.. then you’ll eat up the danger like you chompin on a 2-piece at Popeyes..
2. Forbidden fruit — being with the bad boy is frowned upon.. so many negative consequences will have anybody’s mama going nuts. But the less they want us to date him, the more desirable he becomes..
3. Risk-taking gets the blood boiling — adrenaline rushes make us horny..
4. Opposites attract — a good girl and a bad boy are a match made in heaven.. they are so different.. it makes sense that they would balance each other out
5. Rebellion — we may be the good girl, but good girls are boring.. bad boys spice up our lives without us having to actually do something ourselves
6. It will never work — usually these relationships do not last long.. for commitment-phobic women.. they are a great sense of adventure and then.. on to the next!
7. We need a challenge — many women want to mold or change a man to be what she wants him to be.. if he is already the professional with a great sense of humor that loves family, there is no challenge! But a bad boy!? He has much to be desired
8. He will hit the bottom — If he has nothing else to offer, a bad boy usually has a tight d*ck game.. he knows how to put it down and may be more adventurous in the bedroom.. plus, many people work harder at what they are good at when they are missing other key ingredients (such as, a job)
9. Money — Many bad boys are into illegal activity, if he’s doing it right, he’s making money of it.. and the lure of that lifestyle alone will draw women to him
10. Some of our best Hollywood fantasies are of bad boys — think old school James Dean (the rebellious Bad Boy), think Michael Ealy in Barbershop (reformed Bad Boy), think Tyrese in Baby Boy (needs to get a grip on life, just bad enough Bad Boy), John Travolta in Grease (seems nice but a Bad Boy at heart).. and lastly.. just because he has muscles Bad Boy: 50 Cent


One Response to “Bad Boyssss.. Come Out And Plaaaay”

  1. SaneN85 Says:

    The things I would do to Michael Ealy aren’t even legal in most states.

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