I Love My Boo

Boo.. Baby.. Bay.. Honey.. Sweetie.. pet names..

Okay.. gag me with a spoon…

I mean.. if you and your S.O. are happy and in the house and throw out a barrage of “baby”‘s and “honeybunch”‘s.. cool.. you’re AT HOME.. by yourselves, in PRIVATE..

But if you are out in public.. say.. at the mall, dinner, a friends house.. those names are NOT so cute.. a “babe” or “hun” here or there fine.. but if you use “bay” in place of his name EVERYTIME YOU SPEAK TO HIM.. I might have to cut your tongue out…

Gagworthy Pet Names:

Bay — what the hell is bay!? I suppose it’s a short version of babe.. but people who use bay usually sound like they like in smallest town ever, GA.. if you actually DO live there.. bay is not as annoying because ALL of your words are shortend..

Boo, Booski, Booface — while any derivative of the word boo can be used in a playful context.. using boo in a serious manner is sooo whack! That is, of course, if you’re not Derwin Davis! Boo just grossed me out.. for unexplainable reasons

*sidenote* while doing a google search for annoying pet names.. I ran across this site: My Husband Is Annoying.. all I have to say.. LOL

Love/Lover — I mean WHY!?! .. it is clear that you love this person.. and as an adult in a relationship.. we assume you’re having sex (unless you confess that you aren’t) so.. WHY?!?!

Anything animal — because who would really want to lay next to a “cute little monkey face” every night?! Not I

Pet Names and other cutesy behaviors can be downright obnoxious in public.. I mean a quick peck, ruffling your hand through her hair, holding hands!? FINE.. but making out at the mall, HANDS IN THE BACK POCKET AT CEDAR POINT, or “BAY, COME’RE”.. may get you shot (or at least side-eyed)..

The thing that’s so annoying about these behaviors is that they send this message of “look at us, we’re in love and we’re perfect”.. It’s kind of like that one girl that always talks about how pretty she is but has low self esteem.. it’s clear your in a relationship, but there’s no need to go overboard.. if the relationship is great.. more power to you.. but think about your friends (the 3rd wheel, the jealous one, the lonely one and the annoyed one) and the strangers around you.. wouldn’t you hate to be that guy who HATES PDA and then walk up on a couple gazing into each other’s eyes, cuddling by the wish fountain!? Or wouldn’t you hate to be the couple who’s arguing about (anything) and then run up on the “happiest couple in the world”!?

Think about other people before you induce vomiting..

And I will leave you with this:

Matching clothes is NOT cute.. you look like an idiot!! Take it from someone who has been there and done that.. you will not only look stupid, you will feel stupid.. if you must express your love through clothing.. coordinate similar or complementary colors.. OR just get one of those leather bracelets with his name on it.. (wear with long sleeves)


-m. lauren… SBF

*sidenote check out Reasons Why I Hate Girls.. another funny blog!


One Response to “I Love My Boo”

  1. SaneN85 Says:

    My sister and her husband call eachother “Poopie”. I’m not even 100% sure they know eachother’s names.

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