I Know It’s A Recession Boo… Be Creative

Black%20CoupleWhy is it that men boys seem to believe that being broke will get them out of a date?! BOY BYE!! You better get creative..

And if you DO have money.. dinner and a movie better NOT be on the agenda.. been there.. done that.. HATED IT!!

Date Ideas…

– See a foreign film and have a themed dinner (French movie, French food)
– Do breakfast and a museum (have done this before and loved it)
– Make a living room picnic (or a real one if it’s nice enough outside)
– Take a close road trip to a historic town and take a tour
– Go to a lecture or book signing (something new or shared interest)
– Visit an art gallery
– Go to an outdoor concert of someone you don’t normally listen to
– Visit a planetarium and adopt a star
– Visit a conservatory
– Go hiking
– Take a tour of the city you live in
– Crash a party or wedding reception
– Hang out downtown and visit stores and restaurants you’ve never been to
– Pick her up, pick a direction (via rock papers scissors) and start driving, then pick a type of place (i.e. swap meet) find one and have fun

You see what I mean?! You can think of different things to do.. you just have to use your brain.. and my motto is: If you can google it, there is no excuse..

What’s the best date you’ve ever been on!?


3 Responses to “I Know It’s A Recession Boo… Be Creative”

  1. Ken Kendall Says:

    You hit it right on the head. It is because they are boys not men.

    I just started a new blog on how men can better love women. I would really appreciate you comments and feedback if you have a minute.



  2. SaneN85 Says:

    Ha, I had a guy once ask me to come to his grandma’s house, where he just had to move back because he lost his job. This was supposed to be our first “date” and he, of course, used the broke line. Then had the nerve to imply I was just a golddigger because I couldn’t understand the fact that he was broke. Now he just cyberstalks me and calls me out my name because I never called him again.

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