Ahh.. To Be Regular and Single

karmaSo, welcome to my blog.. I plan to explore things about myself.. not all of them having to do with being single.. but most of them..

My blog is called And Looking? Why? Because I am single but not sure if I’m looking for a real live relationship.. and if so.. what kind I want. 

About Me:

I am m. lauren (when I first decided to start this blog, I wasn’t going to reveal myself.. but then I decided that I would life to be transparent, I will leave other peoples names out though).. I am 22 years old and a graduate of The Ohio State University.. I’m originally from Cleveland.. other things to be revealed later (if you ask nicely)..

About What I Do:

I write.. about anything that is interesting.. Most noteably, I write for an online publication: FlyPaper Magazine (flypaperblog.com, flypapernews.com).. under the same name.. hey guys!!.. My articles are usually about love and relationships (that’s what they say.. I say I write about sex lol)

About my regular singledom:

I’ve had boyfriends (duh.. should I post a pic? lol).. The last.. was a very serious relationship.. you know.. “I’m going to love you forever and be there when your 80”?! Yeah.. that serious.. however.. we broke up awhile ago.. and I’ve been single since then.. not completley single (I’ve “dated”).. but single nonetheless..

And.. well.. I learned that love and relationships (of all kinds) are a HUGE part of my life (and everyone elses).. so I decided.. to blog about it.. and see where it goes..

If after 20 posts.. I am in love w/ the blog.. and have what I feel is a decent following.. I will expand.. do the domain name and banner.. the whole 9.. but for right now.. it’s just me and my feelings.. I hope that you will like the blog and send me your comments..


-m. lauren

regular single black female

*note* single = uncommitted


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